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Rotisserie, Charcoal Towable Enclosed


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  1. To use as a rotisserie pit, grill & removable grill supports must be removed from inside of pit to enable rotisserie to move freely.
  2. To use as a regular grill, remove rotisserie unit be removing threaded pin from motor shaft, then install three grill supports & insert grill.
  3. CLEAN-UP  Take to car wash or use a pressure washer. Tilt backwards to remove excess ashes, coals, water, etc. Then rub or spray any brand vegetable oil on grill & rotisserie unit to prevent rusting.

Tips for Hog Roasting


      Season with garlic cloves, punch holes with narrow sharp knife & insert about 15 to 20 cloves for 200# hog. When mounting hog onto the rotisserie shaft, make sure the hog is balance equally as possible. If not you will shear the drive pin.


     Start with not more than 40# to 50# of charcoal in the center of grill. Light charcoal and let get hot & spread out. Keep larger share of coals under front shoulder & ham area. This amount will approximately do 200# whole hog in 7 to 8 hours maximum keeping lid closed only to baste & add seasonings. Hog does not have to be turned when roasting on a screen. It will cook evenly. Any favorite seasoning may be used as the hog is roasting. Tighten down clamps as hog continues to cook. Check hams first. Use welding gloves when removing hog. 


     Always extinguish goals with plenty of water. Leaving hot coals on the ground can cause severe burns to people or even start a fire.